Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Algebra II for all? What is the SBE thinking?

Thinking about Algebra II for all.

Here is some data from San Diego, that may make you think again.


How ironic San Diego went from a mid 1990s Integrated math adoption of McDougal-Littel Integrated to Discovering and is now tossing it out after three years.
Seattle's last adoption was in the early 90s and it was the same McDougal-Littel Integrated. The SPS board adopted Discovering on May 6. That decision is being appealed in Superior Court.

The sheet indicates from course ending assessments in San Diego that less than one in five students who test as Algebra Students attain a basic or better knowledge of Advanced Algebra (two years later).

What is the SBE thinking?


Anonymous said...

Nice commentary. NCTM should re-examine its role in supporting such stupidity.

Anonymous said...

You will see many parallels to San Diego because the players in the reform movement are pretty much the same. Doug Mcleod (former NSF) is currently at the Center for Math and Science Education was a graduate from the University of Wisconsin (Norm Webb) and also a former ed department chair from Washington State University (PRISSM).

Some of the piloting for curriculum was done in San Diego by teachers involved in Math Renaissance (currently QRP). The Greater San Diego Math Council has hosted many NCTM conferences, so its not a great stretch to see how easily new math programs can be adopted so quickly when you have as dynamic and diverse as this group. I don't buy into it as easily anymore.