Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Begging for Dollars in Seattle

This is an alert.

We will soon be begging for dollars to fund our lawsuit against the Seattle School district. We are setting up an account before accepting donations.

I will post a press release within the next 48 hours.
You can view a video of what is up in Seattle.

My Testimony is in Part I at minute 33:00

Then on Part II the best part is from minute 26:00 on.
See Ms. Santorno attempt to sell more baloney.
See Director Carr object to past practice but then vote OK anyway.

To get correct placement of the minute slider you must have the cursor clicked above the arrow.

Once again you get to hear that research shows .....
Santorno fails to say there is overwhelming research that shows her plan is defective.
One year of Everyday Math enlarged every achievement gap:
Blacks, Asians, Hispanic, American Indians, Low Income, and English Language Learners.

(the easily identified old fat guy with the white hair and beard)

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