Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SPS Math and the Strategic Plan

Following Charlie Mas's model found here:


I crafted this letter:
Dear Ms. Chandler, 3-17-2009

In regard to mathematics page 17 of "Excellence for All" states under "Immediate Actions" several things that in my view did not happen.

When I wrote to the Math Program manager I was told these things did happen.

I find only accidental alignment with the State mathematics standards k-5.

I find a dedicated commitment to "Fidelity of Implementation" in the following of the Everyday Math pacing plan. This is hardly in keeping with the Immediate Actions specified in "Excellence for All".

I find it particularly disturbing that in the Strategic Plan updates, there is never a report on math progress in regard to those Immediate Actions.

I see no evidence that the Math Immediate Actions of page 17 have been implemented.

In future Strategic Plan updates it would be wonderful if the many items in the Strategic Plan that are currently ignored could be included.

The current action by the math adoption committee in recommending "The Discovering Series" as the core math adoption is a continued departure from the National Math Advisory Panel's recommendations as well as the State math standards.

Could the next Strategic Plan update please make reference to this departure?

It would be especially nice if the update also included what was being done to correct this departure.


Danaher M. Dempsey, Jr.
I sent copies to the School Board and the Superintendent.

Here is Ms. Chandler's email should you feel the urge to write:

More on the Strategic Plan can be found here:


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