Monday, March 16, 2009

Creativity ... Singapore and the USA etc.

It seems that the only argument left for our nations poor educational system and below average math scores is that we encourage great creativity in the USA.

Here is an Article from Business Week that shoots that creativity line full of holes.

Global March 16, 2009,

Innovation: Singapore Is No. 1, Well Ahead of the U.S.

Singapore's emphasis on science education and a highly talented workforce puts it well ahead of the U.S. in a new global ranking of innovation leaders.

By Bruce Einhorn

According to a new report by Boston Consulting Group, though, the center of innovation is not in the U.S. BCG, working with the Manufacturing Institute of the Washington-based National Association of Manufacturers, last week released a survey of 110 countries worldwide looking at the ones with government policies and corporate performance most encouraging to innovation. The U.S. came in No. 8, ahead of Japan (No. 9) and Germany (No. 19) but well behind the two leaders, both of them so-called tiger economies from Asia: Singapore at No. 1 and South Korea at No. 2.

........."Are we developing the skills at the high school level?" asks Andrew, explaining the responses researchers often encountered. "Are we making it easy for the best and brightest to study and stay in the U.S.?"


Can we wait any longer for Singapore Math? Dare Seattle continue to ignore preparation for "Authentic Algebra" any longer?

What is the Seattle School District possibly thinking with the extremely flawed "Discovering Series" for possible use in High Schools?

It is time to look at what is actually needed in math classrooms rather than what the UW Math Ed establishment and the publishers would like to force upon us.

Remember the 60 UW profs statement:

Thanks to Sudhakar Kudva for sending the link to Business Week Global.

Here is a link to It's Action Time

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