Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A good idea for Seattle's HS math adoption and more

Since many incoming 9th graders have low skill levels, Seattle needs to be looking lower than 9th grade algebra for instructional materials.

The Curriculum should be the WA math standards.

Seattle should be adopting Prentice Hall for High School but not just the high school texts. The WA state instructional materials recommended for middle school include Prentice Hall for grades 6,7,8.

Looking at the mathematical skill level of many incoming 9th graders, it looks like Prentice Hall materials for grades 6 through Advamced Algebra should be the SPS Core Adoption.

So what about the Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and Statistics?

I think the SPS may be able to do better than
Key Curriculum Press texts from Paul Forster.

Lets look at some data ....
Ted Nutting at Ballard HS has a most impressive record for producing AP Calc students that can pass the AP Calc exam. He uses Calculus by Larson.

How about using Calculus by Larson?

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