Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Economist and 1,2,3

look here:

THE baby is just one day old and has not yet left hospital. She is quiet but alert. Twenty centimeters from her face researchers have placed a white card with two black spots on it. She stares at it intently. A researcher removes the card and replaces it by another, this time with the spots differently spaced. As the cards alternate, her gaze starts to wander—until a third, with three black spots, is presented. Her gaze returns: she looks at it for twice as long as she did at the previous card. Can she tell that the number two is different from three, just 24 hours after coming into the world?

Or do newborns simply prefer more to fewer?


Anonymous said...

This is more cryptic research that supports the math reform movement which is looking for any excuse to prove its not the math textbooks.

If math ability is innate (we are born with a math gene) then could it be that some people are math disabled.

SPS school board isn't budging because they'll lose foundation grant money pushing for school reform.

These are the same sorts of policies that were used to separate ethnic communities in South Africa. Math and reading curriculum were the institutional vehicles used to keep families from moving out of their respective communities, once they were segregated. The only difference is that now the movements are semi-voluntary. The schools enforce the rules, or not.

Why give failing grades for kids taking failure level (remedial) classes - extended algebra or senior math ... unless the kids are unwanted, in which case why were they given the privilege to attend in the first place. It is an injustice to them and their families.

They are simply wasting their time and could be working or enrolled in a trade school or a program where they will be successful. We have schools now for failures who still fail and worse learned nothing significant. That is an injustice.

Having kids go through 12 years of (standards) drudgery and eventual, probable failure is enough to dehumanize anyone.

Anonymous said...

Could it be our education system is run by contemptible exopoliticos? Now these twits claim there is a math gene? So where are the Zenas?