Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Today is Randy Dorn inauguration day

Randy Dorn is officially installed as SPI today.

Keep a watch on the OSPI webpage to see when Randy Dorn's picture replaces Dr. Bergeson's .... 'cause if it does not happen on the iNet is it true?

As of noon 1/14/2009 Randy's picture is on the website.

Here is Randy's agenda:


Anonymous said...

This is a link with an interesting POV that examines Ohanian and the reform movement.

I copied some of the interesting parts regarding Chicago/reform/Broad Foundation.

If you read more you will see a well-researched piece dissecting a stock options fraud that involved city officials, police, district yuks, the union and teachers.

On October 8, 2002, a
press release from the U.
S. Conference of Mayors
and the Broad Foundation
announced the intention
of this new partnership to
publish joint reports on
“mayoral efforts to
improve public schools,
develop new ideas for
federal education
policymakers, and hold a
mayors’ education
summit”’ in 2003.

Eli Broad addressed the
conference, saying, “At
The Broad Foundation, we
recognize that leadership
— bold new leadership —
is critical if we are ever
going to see the dramatic
gains in student
achievement that children
across America deserve.
Schools that fail to teach
our children the skills
necessary to participate
and to succeed in our
changing economy are
infringing on each student’
s civil rights.”

There’s that emphasis on
schooling for the economy
again, as though schools
had any control over
minimum wage,
outsourcing jobs to Asia,
policies of the World Bank,
and so on. And by
conflating high test scores
with civil rights and co-
opting those who raise
alarms about the growing
segregation of U. S.
Schools, high standards
for all rhetoric hides the
fact that minority and poor
students are being
ghettoized into dead-end,
underfinanced, drill-and-
kill, low-performing
schools. Participants in
conferences like this
mayors conference
carefully avoid talking
about the crumbling
surrounding troubling
schools. Other
participants in this so-
called education summit
included Sandra Feldman,
president of the American
Federation of Teachers;
Michael Casserly,
executive director of the
Council of Great City
Schools; and Lisa Graham
Keegan, president of the
Education Leaders
Council; as well as other
education experts,
unnamed in press

Did you notice who’s
missing? The mayors
are there. School
boards aren’t. The
Broad website includes
a heroes page. Headed
by Rod Paige, it is a
high-stakes testing
crew par excellence.
Take a look at:

heroes/venture -net.shtml

Here is a list of the
participants at the 2002
Broad Foundation
strategic planning retreat.
Look at the list and notice
that you can’t label this
group liberal or
Standardistas cross party

In the foundation’s words:
“The Foundation solicited
guidance on how best to
scale-up current
Foundation investments
and develop new high-
impact policy initiatives.
What fun: getting invited
to figure out how to spend
the foundation’s $400

dan dempsey said...

Ohanian is an interesting lady.

Maria Cantwell stated that a lot of this education thrust ignores the local economy of barbers, beauticians, truck drivers etc.

It seems that school is now currently set up to serve large corporate needs and that is it.

A friend of mine is in construction management. He was involved with a huge remodel at Lakes HS in Clover Park SD. At lunch one day he announced to the crew that ....
"Your jobs are secure forever as we are involved in a $70 million dollar remodel and this school will have no wood shop and no metal shop."

Major corporations plan to build everything off-shore so our population is trained to build nothing.

Is this coming at the direction of the Business Roundtable?

Anonymous said...

Can one believe Core-Plus is the third recommended curriculum for 9-12 Mathematics in Washington State? WOW!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Core Plus was developed to sell graphing calculators and yes, that was a deal hatched that resulted in a microchip factory being built in Michigan.

You cannot use CP without purchasing a TI-84. The original concept was for a senior math class that integrated math skills, statistics, and technology.

This is a comprehensive list of math reform researchers.

What students should learn and when they should learn it?
Feb 5, 2007

this is another link that will start you -