Friday, January 9, 2009

Off Task .. Seattle Post Intelligencer

The Seattle P-I newspaper is being put up for sale. Steve Swartz, president of Hearst Newspaper Division, told the newsroom that Hearst Corp. is starting a 60-day process to find a buyer.

If a buyer is not found, Swartz said, possible options include creating an all digital operation, or shutting down the paper.

I love the PI.
Please do not shut down
if all digital is an option.

The PI has wonderful writers covering the local scene,
especially Jessica Blanchard on education.

"Freedom of the Press" to hold the elected accountable ... I see Newspapers doing this more than TV etc. on the local scene.

OK nothing has been able to hold the SPS accountable.
The PI covers the SPS much better than the Times.
The Times cut back a lot more on SPS ed coverage than the PI.

Guess I need to look forward to a digital PI,
much better than no PI, if digital still has good local coverage by good writers.


BlArthurHu said...

Say Dan, can i contribute my education blog notes to your blog? Check out my blog for my latest on the Classroom based assessment from hell. I complained about some of their wackiest art and music assessments and .... they revised them to something only slightly less wacky.

Also check out the fuzzy science standards at

and comments I left at Seattle Times article.

I'm still getting comments on my CMP review which still hasn't been published off my blog yet. CMP literally doesn't have ANY explanation of anything except for discovery based wild goose chases. No pi r squared, no add them and divide by how many, and "adding fraction" index leads you to "devise your own method of adding fractions". contact me at arthur98021 at

Anonymous said...

We need to read more opinions on the new study done in Washington State on math curriculums and standards. Anyone game? The study can be found on the OSPI website.