Sunday, January 4, 2009

No Standards in Seattle Math

Gordon said:
But isn't the district interested in students meeting WASL standard at 3-8? This might qualify as a "standard" if one chose, and the district does supply math coaches in addition to regular ed math teachers. Not to defend their practice, but to note that there appear to be SOME standards.
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The SPS current practice is to follow the Everyday Math pacing plan k-5.
These adoptions of EDM and CMP2 were done because OSPI at one time rated EDM and Connected Math as most aligned to the WASL Math standards, there was no data that these programs actually work very well. In fact EDM and Connected Math were known failures in Denver prior to the Boards 7-0 vote to adopt EDM in May 2007.

If there are currently " SOME standards.", they are not the current WA k-8 math standards. The district has posted Math Grade level expectations (from the WA k-8 math standards) that the SPS ignore. The math coaches only advocate following the EDM pacing plan for k-5 teachers. These coaches do not know much else I guess.

The SPS is doing something entirely different than what "Excellence for All" advocates.

The following is from "Excellence for All"
Immediate Actions

• Math: A Math Project Team will develop an implementation plan and timeline for action during summer 2008. Alignment of the elementary and middle school instructional materials to the new State Performance Expectations will be completed this summer. Teacher leaders from each elementary, middle and high school will be trained during the summer of 2008 to facilitate professional development sessions for their schools around the mathematics content and the pedagogy needed to support implementation of an aligned program. Every math teacher will be provided up to four days of professional development to learn to use the online resources included with the Curriculum Guide.

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If the CAO would only share what the real Math Grade level expectations are, which the students are really expected to meet (then the SPS would have some standards).... what is posted on the SPS website is a total fiction.
Her actions leave teachers, parents, and students confused if they believe that classroom direction k-5 has anything to do with what is posted on the SPS website as Math Grade level expectations.

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Sure wish I knew what some standards currently are.
The EDM series has way too many goals per grade level. The SPS continually ignores all the evidence and just does whatever the "Club Ed" professionals choose.
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There may be a plan of action but there are no standards.


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