Tuesday, December 30, 2008

High School Math in Seattle

From Harium's Blog since May 2008 there are 227 comments addressed to high school math.
Clearly the High School math adoption situation like almost all math direction in Seattle Schools is an on-going disaster.

Check the confusion for yourself.


Anonymous said...


Are you ready for the state recommendations which are suppose to be out on January 6th?


dan dempsey said...

Oh hardly ....

I can hardly wait for the end of the year Algebra I exam .... that will have box and whisker plot questions. This is not an internationally competitive change. It is just not as poor as before.

Anonymous said...

Box and whiskers?

dan dempsey said...

Box plot ...

whiskers from 0 to 25th percentile
box from 25th to 75th percentile
whisker from 75th to 99th.

You can enter your stat list into the TI calc press a button and get the Box and Whisker plot and a five number summary.

Does not sound like Algebra to me.
How about you?