Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How Fuzzy are we?

According to the somewhat inaccurate OSPI survey
in response to the legislative mandate,
it turns out:

for middle school
64% use CMP or CMP2,
6% Math Thematics,
4% College Prep Math,
3% Mathscape,
3% Passports,
2% Glencoe,
2% Saxon, etc. Or according around-- 77% fuzzy.

In comparison K-5 is 85% fuzzy
(34% EM, 32% TERC, 9% Growing with math, 7% Trailblazers, 4% Bridges).

Inaccurate because Mercer Island uses Passports in 6-8 and OSPI has them using CMP; which they use in a single class.

There may be other inaccuracies also but these are the OSPI figures.

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Anonymous said...

In case you thought reform math was pitching their crap just at public school, look again. Anyone for didactique calculas?!!!

Interesting this author makes a similar comparison to the Reformation (back in 1998) I would have to agree with his analysis. The reformers have little respect for teachers or students. As usual, this war about math whatever is over money and control.

Power is truth. Meanwhile we've got trouble over in Sin City.