Monday, January 26, 2009

Skagit Valley Herald .. does title match story??

From the Skagit Valley Herald

The Title:
Most county schools are using state-recommended math curricula

seems to be unsupported in the story. Did I miss something here?


Anonymous said...

BESD is particularly sensitive, because their high school program uses Core Plus. Not to mention they piloted Core Plus with Bellevue. The Core Plus Consultant and regional trainer work(ed) there. Also, the MSP director for North Puget Sound is a cousin. My characterization of this school would be Dutch Reform, a school straight out of Grand Rapids, MI. - where TULIP is an acronym.

MVSD is the only district I know where parents overwhelmingly rejected the reform curriculum and threw that superintendent out and the principal. They did not reject the elementary or middle school program(Connected).

MVSD is getting alot of Hispanic families from Burlington who can't understand Core Plus. The politics are such that MVHS has a larger racial mix than Burlington and they have grown in population by leaps and bounds. What is the number one reason these families are moving - the math program.

Incidently, the science program sucks - no math, no science.

Anonymous said...

Here's a good source - founder of mathematically correct