Sunday, April 20, 2008


Why Elect Rich Semler
for Superintendent of Public Instruction?

The WASL is a $1.17 Billion disaster.

Rich Semler has a better way to assess students. It takes less time, costs less money, and helps students and teachers meet their goals more effectively.

WA students aren’t being educated to get the high tech, highly skilled jobs of tomorrow.

Rich Semler ….

WA teachers are not treated or paid as the well educated professionals that they are.

Rich Semler ….

OSPI has misspent millions of tax payer dollars on programs that lack public support, with virtually no oversight or transparency.

Rich Semler….

The single most effective way to have world class education throughout WA is to vote for Rich Semler.

You can help by volunteering or donating at

VOTE RICH SEMLER FOR Superintendent of Public Instruction

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David Blomstrom said...

(Yawn) Semler is just another one-issue (e.g. anti-WASL) candidate. In other words, he's probably being groomed by our corporate masters to pose as Bergeson's main opponent.

As usual, I'll probably be the only candidate focusing on the #1 issue facing education: Corporatization.

Access my campaign website via on June 1, 2008. (This is the second blog I've encountered that doesn't allow me to link directly to my campaign website. Are all the blogs working for Rich Semler?) I have many surprises in store, including three very big ones.

As Bill Gates, Sr. once told me, "It just goes to show, you can never be too careful."

David Blomstrom