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Seattle and Planning ????

This is a reposting from Director Harium Martin-Morris' Blog:

I disagree strongly about seeking out Dr Bergeson for Math advice. Here is an analysis of the opinions of her Special Assistant's comments. Dr George Bright is supposed to be guiding us out of a math disaster that he fails to even recognize. Thus he fits perfectly with SPS math decision makers.

John Wright makes an excellent point about the shifting of the sands being largely settled. The NMAP calls for preparation for Authentic Algebra. The NCTM Focal Points call for a great reduction in topics per grade level. That means that k-12 we are totally misaligned due to faulty Administrative direction.

Check the McKinsey Report appendices we are to use IMP for 2008-2009. That would make the SPS .. k-12 ... NO Authentic Algebra Ever.

Thank Goodness the Board interrupted Ms Wise's plan for the extinction of collegiate level mathematics preparation.

Since it has been one year since Dr MG-J was named Superintendent, I certainly would hold her as responsible as Ms Santorno for the ramrod no data nonsense math adoption of Everyday Math. { More Here }

The current question should be centered on how is the SPS going to follow the major thrust of the NMAP. Please note following OSPI in math for the last decade has certainly served no one very well. Let us get over the OSPI obsession and get on with effective teaching and increased student learning, this takes planning.

NMAP calls for a large emphasis on preparation for Authentic Algebra K-8. All students should be prepared for AA with good understanding of and facility with fractions, decimals, and percents.
Authentic Algebra becomes the cornerstone for High School Mathematics.

The SPS needs an enormous Math Repair plan to get us from our current level of student knowledge and performance to AA.

Until the Superintendent, the CAO, the Curriculum Director, and the Math Program manager come to the realization that waiting for the state to make their selections of three texts is more wasted time, we are going nowhere fast. These Four need to acknowledge the NMAP direction and do something NOW. Picking a math series that includes Authentic Algebra as a corner stone will not fix the k-8 mess. Some one needs to step up to the plate and come up with a plan. .....But the SPS has not even admitted any mistakes that need to be corrected. We have NOT changed our k-5 plans". Lots of luck on correcting this mess.

I've recently come across an algebra readiness system to prepare students to take AA. It would be classified as a remedial year to teach the skills and knowledge of arithmetic required to take AA. In short in 101 lessons it covers math grade 2 through math grade 7. It also has excellent software.

The Misguided four need to understand the problem and the questions before the answers can come fourth.

Their continuing failure to face reality assures us of no solution.

Time marches on. Mr Wright wants something done. The SPS was certainly ready to give schools IMP. So why not something else?

It is interesting to note the all 13 reform math texts produced by NSF have no record of any success -- says National Research Council in 2004.

I should be seeing a fairly complete draft of High School 9-10 standards by May 15.

The Official k-8 Standards are supposed to come out April 18.

I would not consider any of the SPS three finalists as worthy because they were finalists I would look for a lot more.

Core-Plus and IMP are so far off the NMAP recommendations they are out. RBHS had good success with College Prep Math this would be worth looking into. Remember RBHS is in many ways a unique situation.

Unfortunately the SPS has no competent leadership in math. Lots of talk, lots of philosophy, but no data and no interest in even looking at their own numbers. Scan the Curriculum Audit and McKinsey Report. We are at ground Zero after three years of adoption process.

MG-J said we can assume nothing about SPS math direction until we hear from the state.

So we are going to hurry up and wait? Well the least we could do is to look for some decent texts that match with NMAP while we wait and stop wasting time with IMP and Core-Plus.

Have The SPS Math Administrators look at a copy of either Dolciani & Brown Algebra I or Forester Algebra I ....have the medic truck available.

Here are some recommendations.

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