Monday, April 28, 2008

K-8 Math Standards Adopted by SBE

April 28, 2008
Meeting Highlights

On April 28th, the State Board of Education had a special meeting in Olympia to review the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s proposed K-8 mathematics standards.

State Board of Education Actions

The Board approved the K-8 mathematics standards for adoption by the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Strategic Teaching April 25 Letter

Strategic Teaching confirmed by letter to the Board that the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)’s April 25th, 2008 version is faithful to the revised Expectations offered by Strategic Teaching in its report “Edited Expectations for the K-8 Standards” submitted to the
Board on April 14, 2008. Additional examples have been added to the standards document by OSPI. Strategic Teaching will develop recommended guidance on the use of calculators once the high school standards are complete. OSPI has conducted a final proof read of the K-8 math standards.

For additional information and Board meeting materials go to: or call the Board office at: 360-725-6025.

This Math Standards Revision is an inadequate attempt. It is largely political and is insufficient. The real need is to educate every child to fulfill their capability. We seem far more interested in equal outcomes than in serving each individual child appropriately.

Check out the following:
You get a 30 second comercial and the the ABC News report begins.

Check this out HERE
for how well things are going for Blacks, Hispanics, and Low Income students in Fourth Grade Math in the reform HOT BEDS of Seattle, Bellevue, and Clover Park.

If kids do not get a good start in grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4 what are their chances of ever catching up? How long would you trust leaders like these???


Anonymous said...

Force Bergerson to resign. Losing an election would be too simple.

There should be an investigation into the alleged misconduct of all the persons involved. Parents should be demonstrating until she's given herself the boot.

Pennsylvania's former sup is going off to prison for malfeasance.

Does that mean Washington has lower standards for honesty too?

Read a textbook, ask a child, do they actually get what they're being taught? That is the real question isn't it.

These people have excellent reasons for pushing through a low quality curriculum. Its making them rich and it goes with their politics.

Other than by observation, the only other evidence we have are that test scores have dropped to their lowest level, more students are transferring programs midstream, and more students are not graduating from high school.

This is more than a failed policy that wasted countless amounts of public money. It allows schools to neglect children and it will only further resegregate schools

Anonymous said...

I asked an eighth grader? what they did for math today since I hadn't seen any homework lately - "Nothing much. We're building a house you know, cutting out pieces of cardboard and taping them together. Well yea, oh well...I'm getting a C minus."

I hate this racist state - look what they've done to school. Look what they do to kids. Vote Bergerson out of office - lock these jerks up and throw away the key - Education is no longer fair. This is a Libertarian democracy - a place that caters to the rich.