Saturday, April 5, 2008

Plattner Standards for K-8 ; April 4

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Washington State Math Standards Review
A Report to the Washington State Board of Education: Review of K-8 Mathematics Standards, April 4, 2008

Nice comparison of topics with the NMAP recommendations.
Sure hope all those Everyday Math and CMP2 adopting school districts figure out how they are going to get their kids prepared for Authentic Algebra.

Oh well the WA high school report is not due from Plattner for a while.
They can continue living in LaLa Land for about another 6 weeks or so.
Then BAM reality hits.

My thoughts on Sudhakar's thoughts coming.....

Sudhakar says:
Looks like the public education system can use a healthy dose of "meritocracy" . To give you an example, my ex employer's long time CEO, Andy Grove, believed firmly in yearly "ranking and rating" of every employee. Raises and promotions would go to only those who not only met the goals set by their bosses, but got favorable reviews from internal "customers", peers, and if applicable, subordinates. About 5 to 15% of the employees every year would be told that they "do not meet" the job requirements, and given a fixed period of time to either shape up or ship out. Of course, this did not apply to one-time situations like layoffs or business closures. Andy credited this culture of meritocracy, among other things, for bringing Intel from an also-ran semiconductor company in the 80's, to the #1 semiconductor company in the world by mid 1990s. Not a small feat by any means. His philosophies are explained in more depth in his books "High Output Management", and "Only the Paranoid Survive". And not bad for a Hungarian Jewish refugee who arrived penniless in New York in the '50's, who became TIME magazine's man of the year in 1997.

Here is one of his quotes: "Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid survive."


Dan says
....... if Andy Grove stepped in we would see massive changes in education personnel at the central office level.

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