Monday, April 7, 2008

Not Such Good News - Same Story different Media Approach

About a week ago I reported on some potential good news.

It may have been just another in the long string of false hopes.

The original report:

GREAT NEWS the district that never answers much about anything important when asked, now has a way to submit math adoption questions on the SPS Website.

Hey maybe they will even answer some of the questions. There is always a first time. After 14 months of testimony one answer would be a start.


Today's situation: I used the form again.

The following information has been submitted:
First_Name: Dan
Last_Name: Dempsey
Stakeholder4: Teacher

Very Nice form but when will I ever expect an answer?

Submitted question a week ago. Nothing.

Submitted exit ticket questions at meeting on May 7, 2007. Nothing.

Different technology but same result. Pencil, Pen, or Pixels.

Just like School Board testimony same lack of responses.

Who is supposed to be attending to this end of the non-communication system?

Have a good day. Dan

I hope they need just a bit more time to respond.
I have given up on the exit ticket from May 7, 2007

But Hope springs eternal they may answer this yet after all its only been less than two weeks.

Perhaps the are crafting a thoughtful response.

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