Sunday, April 27, 2008

America Scouts Overseas to Boost Education Skills

Published Online: April 22, 2008
Published in Print: April 23, 2008

America Scouts Overseas to Boost Education Skills
By Kathleen Kennedy Manzo and Sean Cavanagh

U.S. still feeling academically inadequate in face of evolving global competition.

The miles that separate Ohio from Singapore and other countries rapidly developing into economic and education success stories have all but evaporated over the past decade for policymakers and educators trying to solve the complicated school improvement puzzle.

Hard-hit by global economic pressures that have closed companies and sent thousands of jobs overseas, once-parochial states are beginning to look abroad for answers to their challenges in business, industry, and education.

As leaders in Ohio and other states start to reassess the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in a competitive economy, they are weighing plans to gauge how their schools measure up against those of Singapore, South Korea, and Japan, as well as Finland and other European nations—all perennial leaders on international assessments.

Except in Washington State in Math Dr Bergeson and OSPI have thrown a big monkey wrench into the HB 1906 - SB 6534 mechanism and nullified the legislatures attempt to produce a quality product.

Find out more at the link about what others are doing.

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