Sunday, October 18, 2015

Surprise Surprise - The Scope and Sequence from Seattle's one year old adopted text has been secretly trashed

Last school year the SPS used the Scope and Sequence from newly adopted "Math in Focus" and produced very good results.  Posting the largest differential above State test scores in Math in Seattle history for grades 4 and 5.  Instead of continuing with that "Scope and Sequence" it has been secretly trashed.  I say secretly because the district has not posted the following links to the "New Elementary Math Scope and Sequence" which replaces the "Math in Focus" Scope and Sequence used in grades K - 5 last year.  The District did not notify parents of this change.

Be sure and notice the chaotic jumping about the textbook as the Kindergarten teacher proceeds through the 13 units on the new "Scope and Sequence".    The planned chaos for other grades is similar.  {{ District admin clearly does not like the sequence of topics in Math in Focus }}

Links to my Dropbox are below.

Kindergarten Year at a glance

Grade 1
First Grade Year at a Glance

Grade 2
Second Grade Year at a Glance

Grade 3
Third Grade Year at a Glance

Grade 4
Fourth Grade Year at a Glance

Grade 5
Fifth Grade Year at a GlanceDelete
continuing for Middle School

Grade 6
Sixth Grade Year at a Glance

Grade 7
Seventh Grade Year at a Glance

Grade 8
Eighth Grade Year at a Glance

On to High School Math

Information about Scope and Sequence Secondary

Algebra 1
Algebra Year 1 at a Glance

Geometry Year at a Glance

 Algebra 2
Algebra 2 Year at a Glance

These links which contribute to Open and Transparent communications are NOT brought to you by the Superintendent, School Board or Central Office Staff of the Seattle Public Schools.

It is now mid October  and the SPS is still keeping parents in the dark about huge elementary school math changes.

On the Seattle School Community Forum

North of 85th wrote:

Great teacher in tears last night on the issue. Told....not drop MIF and adopt downtown's new worksheet based class flow and materials. Teacher told specifically this is to achieve high SBAC scores.

Using the "Grade Level Year at a Glance" information above, parents can finally see what is going on with elementary school math.

This JSCEE staff math action seems similar to a "coup d'état" .
 Are the Directors complicit in this?
 Are the Directors unaware?
 Do the Directors even care?

Beats me.


Anonymous said...

Love this blog. So frustrated with Seattle public schools right now. My child is using textbook "MyMath" instead of math in focus but at least not doing random worksheets from multiple sources ...yet

dan dempsey said...

I would suggest you purchase either a Saxon book or a JUMP Math book.

JUMP math .org has some good free resources

-- Dan

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Will do!