Sunday, October 18, 2015

Madison Wisc. Teachers watched Seattle Strike

Seattle Teachers’ Demands Much Like MTI’s

Seattle Teachers’ Demands Much

Like MTI’s
Last week’s MTI Solidarity! contained an article about a
teacher strike in Seattle. Among the issues were wages not
keeping up with inflation, “no state increase in funding for health
care,” providing teachers with a greater voice regarding
standardized tests, management’s proposal for a longer workday
without additional compensation, and other quality of education

Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant criticized
the legislature and its lack of support for education.
She said,
“The educators’ demands are completely reasonable....For too
long the legislature has ignored the needs of the children and
bent over backwards to give corporations handout after handout.
Boeing executives got a special session. Where is the special
session for education? Teachers are faced with stagnating
salaries, overcrowded classrooms, too many standardized tests,
and inadequate resources.
It’s high time the legislature did their
job, stop ignoring the mandate by voters to lower class sizes and
raise teachers’ pay. Fully fund education now!” We need more
legislators like Sawant in Wisconsin!

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