Monday, October 19, 2015

Attempt to dumb down Kentucky college math courses triggering revolt!

Any revolt happening in Seattle?

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Attempt to dumb down Kentucky college math courses triggering revolt!

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It’s not you, it’s the math: Colleges rethink what students need

The Community College Pathways from Carnegie

 Clearly in the World of Education Reform there remains a thrust toward engagement and activity .... and away from precision, accuracy, and correct answers in k-12 math.  This has resulted in a plan to not require much in the way of prerequisites to "succeed in College math".

The thought that all HS graduates are graduating "college and career ready" will necessitate that all HS graduates be placed into non-remedial college courses.  This is the next step in the selling of the "Big Lie".  .........  Carnegie Corp and other vendors will assist.

So is Carnegie Statway a solution or just the latest way to cover up a huge Reform Education problem?

HOWEVER selling the lie is becoming difficult in Kentucky.

King said his group was seriously considering radical revisions to entering college courses to create a remediation-course-free system where every student would start taking credit-bearing courses right away. He was going to create this utopia with the use of “Co-Requisite Courses,” a mixed model where students who were behind would get extra help, or “acceleration” to somehow catch up to better prepared entering students during the first college year.

It sounded like a whimsical dream to me, and it didn’t take long for reality to set in. In fact, like a nervous speeder looking at the fast-approaching cop in his rearview mirror, King even hinted at that during his comments to the board. King said he was getting some pushback from his college math professors.

Well, that comment about pushback might go down in Kentucky education history as one of the biggest understatements of all.

In fact, King has a revolt on his hands.

So where is the WA State revolt against the k-16 math nonsense plans currently being put in place?

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