Thursday, October 29, 2015

Common Core and NAEP 2015 .... Is your head spinning?

Looking at the first decline in the average scores on NAEP since 1990 and the claims made for Common Core, if your head is not spinning then it will be soon.

The next NAEP is 2017 and Gates/Obama/Duncan and the other CCSS supporters are spinning away.  Unfortunately for them but good for the nation's students and future students the numbers are clear. Common Core is a disaster.

Ze'ev Wurman's analysis HERE is accurate.  It is comprehensive and ends with this:
Wurman notes that Kentucky, the first state to adopt the Common Core standards in 2010, now has five years under its belt with the controversial standards.

“In fourth grade Kentucky’s achievement has generally held steady and even slightly improved since 2011, yet in eighth grade the state saw its achievement dropping by 2 points in reading and 4 points in math,” he observes. “One could say it is not the greatest advertisement for Common Core.”  {{[ WA State 8th graders dropped 5 in reading and 3 in math ]}}
Senior fellow at American Principles Project Jane Robbins tells Breitbart News, “I fully expect the NAEP to be ‘revised’ to align with Common Core’s diminished expectations so that we don’t have any more embarrassing results.
This is serious business.  The Common Core State Standards are not internationally competitive.  The 2015 NAEP demonstrates in Math that the diminished pace and scope of the math standards is decreasing student performance.  The control of schools has been gradually removed from parents and local authority.  The current results are not good but the trend is worse.  The term "college and career ready" is anything but ready for real college.  It is a certification that students will not be taking remedial courses in college.  So college will be dunb-down as well.

In Kentucky which Wurman noted above,  Melinda Gates noted significant increases in high school graduation rates as a CCSS accomplishment.  I think it is hard to find social promotion through graduation as an accomplishment.  But if Gates can see it that way, it must be the wave of the future. Unless the public prefers to regain control of the schools they support with taxes, involvement, effort, and concern.

NAEP 2015 should be the defining moment in the revolt to dump CCSS and improve schools and students' lives.   That is my spin on NAEP 2015.

Get ready to have your head spun , if you dare ... from Massachusetts via Radio Boston

MCAS and PARCC : the testing future in Massachusetts

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