Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Seattle's Strategic Plan a misguided or ignored document in too many ways

The good =>  Seattle's Strategic Plan states:
(page 2)
Mission:    Seattle Public Schools is committed to ensuring equitable access, closing the opportunity gaps and excellence in education for every student.

We believe effective leadership is vital at all levels of the organization and will create student success.

We believe it is our public duty to properly steward district resources through ethical behavior, compliance to the law, transparency of processes and sound fiscal controls.

We believe in a district, including the central office and support staff, which is dedicated to providing high-quality service in support of teaching and learning.

We believe community partnerships and family engagement are fundamental to achieving and sustaining student success.
(page 3)
Our goals for the next five years are to:
 Ensure Educational Excellence and Equity for Every Student
Improve Systems Districtwide to Support Academic Outcomes and Meet Students’ Needs
Strengthen School, Family and Community Engagement
(page 7)
 Implementation of evaluation systems for central office staff;

The budgeting process dedicated to the realignment and deployment of resources to the strategic plan will begin immediately after the Board adopts this refreshed and revised strategic plan.

{{  Budgeting????   Something has gone seriously wrong here, as central staff pay raises and a huge expansion of central staff  occurred during the last three years  }}

(page 8)
Goals & Strategies
•Challenge and support each student by providing equitable access to a rigorous and relevant curriculum aligned to Common Core State Standards and 21st Century skills

The Common Core State Standards contain a very large number of outright lies.

The Math Staff in Seattle has compounded the curriculum aligned problem this year by formulating and enforcing compliance with a "Scope and Sequence" document which does not support the orderly use of the district adopted elementary text series Math in Focus.

For several years the children of parents with resources have been the beneficiaries of outside of school math instruction from educated family members, Sylvan, Mathnasium, Kumon, tutors.  Most of the children of parents without such resources have had to make due without these services.

The result is Seattle Schools have extremely large Opportunity (or achievement) Gaps.

This formulation and enforcement of a "Scope and Sequence" document strictly aligned to the Common Core State Standards and not aligned with the "Scope and Sequence" of the Math in Focus materials is in direct contradiction of the Mission of the Seattle Schools : of ... ensuring equitable access, closing the opportunity gaps and excellence in education for every student.

This "strict alignment" scope and sequence will continue the tradition of math mishmash jumble ... which "ensures" maintenance of large math opportunity gaps.

As long as school directors and the superintendent see strict adherence to each grade level's Common Core standards students will be under served.

It is long past time to dump nonsense and focus on providing each child with the opportunity to maximize their learning.

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