Saturday, February 28, 2009

Will Core-Plus be an OSPI recommendation?

The Studies:
Dr. Bachelis' original (Wayne State) study on the CorePlus in Michigan schools.
This is a peer reviewed and published study on CorePlus. papers/milgram/andover-report.htm

Dr. James Milgrim's analysis of the same schools with CorePlus.. including student retrospectives.

So what might we expect?

CorePlus does NOT align well with either the traditional or the integrated WA state math standards.

It will therefore take enormous supplementation, hand-holding and expense to twist it to work. These manipulations can only reduce the effectiveness of any curricula.. so the end result would be expected to be worse than that indicated by these studies.

Bottom line is this: Authentic Algebra or NOT?
Core-Plus is a definite NOT.


"Does Superintendent Dorn believe it's important to offer a vastly inferior product for those districts that believe in integrated math? If no integrated program currently comes close to meeting our new math standards, then none should be recommended. The point of the math standards are to ensure every student is given the opportunity to learn all that is within the standards. With Core Plus students will not have that opportunity."

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I hope not.