Thursday, February 5, 2009

Seattle HS Math .. 3 choices

The Seattle Schools have narrowed the HS Math adoption choices down to three.

The Discovering Series from Key Curriculum Press.
Discovering Algebra
Discovering Geometry
Discovering Advanced Algebra

College Preparatory Math
Algebra Connections,
Geometry Connections,
Algebra 2

Prentice Hall's
Advanced Algebra

Prentice Hall would be my choice.

These are for the Math Core group.
The Advanced math finalists will be coming next week.


Anonymous said...

Our district made the same choice - Prentice Hall. But that's not the problem.

Its with the k-8 programs. You will have flocks of kids bailing out of PH algebra first semester.

Our district decided to adopt Glencoe algebra and teach algebra to these for two years. Its a mess. I have 9 -12th graders in the same classes. First semester we cover all basic math operations and try to build some fluency so kids aren't making gross errors.

I'm not against PH, but its far too difficult for most of your average 9th graders. Especially, if you have anal-retentive 'I teach to the standard' teachers.

My own kids have given up on HS math and are taking math and science at adult school and community college.

dan dempsey said...

Yes but the question is ....
how do we fix this train wreck?

k-8 needs a math lobotomy

We have to start somewhere.
Perhaps 9th grade Arithmetic essentials.

Clearly we can not keep pretending all is just fine.

I am for Prentice Hall.
Some effective interventions need to be offered at all grade levels.

In the SPS of course there are consequences for continually ignoring the acquisition of grade level promotion skills. NO Free Lunch .. work needs to begin to correct the k-8 disaster.

The solution is hardly to adopt another No math series.

I doubt you can find anything resembling authentic algebra as mentioned in NMAP report contained within Discovering Algebra.

Anonymous said...

What independent study does enroll students in Glencoe for 1 year instead of 2 years. There's a shortage of textbooks in our district and this year's adoption was cancelled because of cutbacks. The district doesn't have any money to replace textbooks either.

With a grant, our department purchased scanners that project the book up on a screen. I have golf pencils and scratch paper. Most of my kids don't bring any materials to class. 30 minutes of new material and 30 minutes of practice. I'm slow but I don't allow students to leave with mistakes on their assignments.

dan dempsey said...

Good to see your district is not throwing excess money at the problem (tongue in cheek).

Anonymous said...

Nobody dares to say there are any problems. Looking around me, I don't have a printer and the copy machine is broken. I have two powermacs that have access to the internet. I'm in an empty biology lab teaching two-year extended algebra to a mixed group of 40 kids each period that have failed algebra at least once using an overhead projector. And we have a shortage of textbooks. So I would be lost without my markers!

dan dempsey said...

It is hard to believe that No Child will be left behind.

As usual a Reality check is needed.

I taught in Bellflower. If the shelter classes were full, then the new kids that speak no English wind up in the regular math classes that sometimes had 40 students in them. Not unusual to have as many as 2, 3, or 4 non-English speakers in a class.

Hard to envision what life was like before Prop 13.

Anonymous said...

A..holes in congress will pass a plan to bail out banks; but not an economic plan to help out the unemployed. Your tax dollars spent on bonuses for the rich. Imagine being paid over a million dollars to write a bogus curriculum that doesn't even use a textbook!

The Impact of Reform Instruction on Student Mathematics by Thomas Romberg,M1

Wow, a boondoggle and the criminals got away.