Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dollar and a Penny
.....No difference at Verizon
.... and NO math skills

Should Verizon be allowed to handle money?

Here is a You Tube video that will let you know just how bizarre the mathematical reasoning is that is used by those who advertise rates and handle complaints.

Yes there is a difference between a dollar and a penny.
Yes there is a difference between half a dollar and half a penny.

But for two tenths of a dollar and two tenths of a penny there is NO difference.

(Totally WACKO)
Why because Verizon wants to bill you $0.002 when they advertised 0.002 cents per KB.

Apparently few at Verizon know the difference.

Ralph says:

I remember hearing this billing problem a couple of years ago,
with a more complete introduction. The man was charged for N kb usage (of
something) at a rate *stated* as .002 cents per kb, but he was charged at
a rate of .002 dollars per kb, and could not get the company to admit that
these rates were not the same. To them a rate of .002 settled the matter,
since -- I guess -- it was the number they put in their billing computer
program. Evidently one had to be a very high official to know what was
inside the program. I suspect the rate really was .002 dollars and that
the transition was owing to some advertising executive who thought "cents"
made the rate more attractive. He seems to have been right.

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Anonymous said...

This article is along the same lines. Some of the first programs cut (we hope) will be math investigations and standardized testing.

Reform math (like the dollar) is a massive ponzi fraud - somebody else's selfish truth.

“My grandfather took the first dollar he ever made and put it in a frame he bought with a dime. Now the frame is worth a dollar and the dollar is worth a dime.” –from a woman investor;

Housing prices are going to continue spiraling down as banks unload them on the market while credit has dried up. I'm not about to predict a bottom.

"In my state of Michigan we see a microcosm of what we see nationally in waste, misdirected spending and no budget control. Our state is $1.6 billion in the budget hole and by law states have to balance their books even though the federal government does not. We’ve lost a reported 500,000 Michigan jobs since 2000, mostly in manufacturing (official reports) which means we’ve really lost 1,000,000 jobs unofficially.

Our governor continues to lash out at and blame others when state government remains a social welfare dream turned into a nightmare. This lady has no ideas except to tax and spend, and strip small business of any chance of success. Many former-residents are now gone-residents voting with their feet. She still doesn’t get it and said, “The truth is, another round of budget-cutting alone cannot solve the fiscal crisis. In fact, a cuts-only solution would destroy the state’s ability to recover. Too late lady; we in Michigan are toast and the toaster is burning hotter"

Here's the link explaining what's in store for next year - Bailout 2Its a gigantic ripoff.

"We’ve seen estimates of $243,000 to over $600,000 to be spent by TARP II for each so-called alleged new job. One wag said, “why not just give everybody a $25,000 check as they’ll immediately spend it.” That would produce a jolt all right but not the kind this phony program is supposed to instigate. While the spillover from throwing hundreds of billions in cash at these problems could produce a few new jobs, the majority of these funds will be not only be wasted but will exaggerate government debt throwing more of an imponderable load upon taxpayers."