Friday, February 27, 2009

A Singapore Math trip this summer

Check this out: Interested in the Singapore Math Summer Program 2009?

Organized by (SMath Resources)

July 18 (Saturday) to July 25 (Saturday), 2009

- Teachers, academics, researchers, leaders and others interested in Singapore Mathematics

Number of participants: Limited to 24 participants

Purpose of This Trip:

· To facilitate opportunities to learn, understand and experience first-hand how Mathematics is taught and learned in Singapore.

· To provide participants with Singapore Mathematics resources in the form of books, CDs, notes, seminars and practical experiences.

· To reflect on own professional development, teaching, and learning in the areas of Mathematics by learning about the Singapore approach to Mathematics teaching and learning.

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NA said...

Hi... the link doesnt work. I am interested in the program. where can I find more info? who can I contact?