Sunday, February 22, 2009

Everyday Math & math content

Here is a particularly nice website about Math in the
Plymouth-Canton Community School District.

Teach Our Kids!
"As a public educational institution, the Plymouth-Canton Community School District will lead our state in educating students to thrive in a complex global community"

Now take a look on this great website at how absurd that statement is for a district using Everyday Math.

The Seattle School district math leadership apparently believes that they are addressing the New k-8 Math Standards adopted in April of 2008 by simply following the Everyday Math pacing guide. I guess these people are unable to quickly read the performance expectations from the state and look at the EDM textbooks and see an enormous disconnect.

The SPS Superintendent's strategic plan "Excellence for All" June 2008 states:

Immediate Actions

• Math: A Math Project Team will develop an implementation plan and timeline for action during summer 2008. Alignment of the elementary and middle school instructional materials to the new State Performance Expectations will be completed this summer.

Is anyone accountable for this failure to perform?

All we have is this:

Attempting to satisfy this:

Did that math project team even meet?
Where's the Beef? I can find no product even remotely connected to Alignment with State performance expectations.


Anonymous said...

Dear Pres. Obama:

Stop funding reform math and standards. I have no problem cutting waste and fraud out of education. Reform remongers should stop abusing children.

Hope you read this:

Hi folks,

First the great news that the Math Education Initiative bill has passed the senate with a 23-3 vote (and 3 absent).

Representative John Dougal from Highland is the sponsor of the bill in the House. I am very pleased to have Senator Stephenson and Representative Dougal as my senator and representative.

Please contact your House Representative and ask him/her to co-sponsor SB 159, the Math Education Initiative (unless John is your Rep then don't flood him with emails on this, but you could thank him for sponsoring the bill :)). (find your legislator here:

If you are a legislator receiving this email, we encourage you to sign on to this math initiative. It has the ability to change everything for Utah math.

The top school in math in Arizona uses Singapore math and 94% of all students in the school say their favorite subject is math. How amazing would it be if 94% of Utah students said math was their favorite subject, and they also excelled in the subject!!!



If you don't have a passion for teaching all children, then don't write textbooks.

dan dempsey said...

So true:

If you don't have a passion for teaching all children, then don't write textbooks.

Also don't choose curricula and Do Not administrate if you don't have a passion for improving our education system.