Saturday, February 28, 2009

Math Placement Initiative from TMP

But the UW has their own idea....

Here's more, from the UW page:

In a nutshell, the CRMT is a new college math placement test that will replace the currently used MPT, at least for general admission.

From the link above:
Participants of the May and June working meetings determined that the existing Intermediate Math Placement Test (MPT-I) should be retained in its current form to optimize placement into precalculus courses, and a new General Math Placement Test (MPT-G) should be created for placement into general entry-level college math courses other than pre-calculus. The new test would contain items assessing each of the five CRMT Content Standards in contrast to the heavier weighting given to algebra and functions by the MPT-I.

So is the UW hatching its own CRMT and calling it the MPT-G?

It is laudable that the UW is going to look at 5 content areas to assess students placement.

My big concern from looking at the weak cognitive demand and weak results from the current Compass test is not just about correct college placement but of greater importance fixing the system that is producing such poor results.

In regard to the UW actions, could it be viewed that since so many current students are so bad at traditional mathematics content, the kind necessary for engineering and physical sciences, just don't ask them much about real algebra or functions. Asking students less about Authentic Algebra and functions kinda sorta makes the UW look a lot like CitiBank or AIG just in a different setting.

Can we spin off great derivatives with weak fundamentals and succeed? or will we need a math bailout from India?

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