Sunday, November 30, 2008

Conflict of interest ... ya you betcha

This is an interesting piece from Missouri.

from the post:
Understand: The amount of NSF "Research Money" that has been thrown to our largest state university...Mizzou.

The MU (University of Missouri) College of Education is a major national center for advocates of "inquiry-based" and "research-based" methods in mathematics and science education.

The list of MU College of Education faculty with multi-million dollar education grant support includes:

Barbara Reys - $25,150,773 on 7 NSF education grants
Robert Reys - $18,193,249 on 13 NSF education grants ( I do not know if he is any relation to Barbara Reys)
Kathryn Chval - $13,693,416 on 3 NSF education grants
Fran Arbaugh - $7,902,368 on 5 NSF education grants
James Tarr - $7,037,981 on 2 NSF education grants
Sandra Abell - $4,773,073 on 8 NSF Education grants
Doug Grouws - $3,407,016 on 5 NSF Education grants
John Lannin - $2,610,009 on 3 NSF Education grants

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