Sunday, November 9, 2008

No Shift in Priorities at OSPI ... Seattle Times Article

The ideas expressed in the Seattle Times in regard to education reveal a lack of understanding of the situation.

Here is the article:

Here are the comments:


Anonymous said...

You ought to focus your efforts on the "continuous reform" movement. This is one person's comment from Charleston regarding an education consultant being paid $1200 per day with grant money:

"They pay the Broad Consultant 15K, plus expenses to come in and do a one day board workshop. But, of course that was the whole deal when they sold Goodloe to us, that we hire their folks for everything else. Several of the CCSD employees are Broad Fellows."

This sounds a whole like OSPI and SPS - "Expensive consultants, smoke and mirrors, and school closures while you keep teachers busy aligning curriculum to Achieve? standards. You hire administrators to administrate, not become wrecking balls. US still needs a Dept of Justice."

Anonymous said...

What's up with ST? Are they on a children's crusade? Reminds me of the lead lemming's final words - "Follow m...."

Don't hear much anymore from the Uri, C. Didactique, Briar patch, Gupta, Goldy, or the Astronaut. Are they all hiding under a rock? I sort of miss their chic.