Tuesday, November 18, 2008

To SAT or not ... Test passes Colleges fail

From the New York Times:


The Test Passes, Colleges Fail
Stony Brook, N.Y.

FOR some years now, many elite American colleges have been downgrading the role of standardized tests like the SAT in deciding which applicants are admitted, or have even discarded their use altogether. While some institutions justify this move primarily as a way to enroll a more diverse group of students, an increasing number claim that the SAT is a poor predictor of academic success in college, especially compared with high school grade-point averages.

Are they correct?


Anonymous said...

CSU is cutting enrollment by 10,000 students midyear. The SAT is an excellent test, the truth is enrollments would drop if you used SAT scores as a criteria and colleges need students, so they created remedial math classes. This is getting quite irritating, because we're leaving it to bureaucrats to create more poop, rather than fix the problem.

Anonymous said...

If you are not of the 'privileged' class, I wouldn't risk financing yourself through a four year college. Start out at a community college, take things slow and find out whether you really are prepared for 'college'.

Don't rely on the WASL? It's a high school requirement, not a college requirement. Big difference.

These days with so much curriculum effluence, parent education and income is irrelevent for most kids.

The SAT remains the best predictor of college success.