Monday, November 3, 2008

Real World .. Advanced math ? Washington Post

Try this:

In the Real World, Advanced Math Doesn't Always Add Up


Anonymous said...

Our public school system uses math to separate students into high and low achieving groups. The issue is not about whether adults use math after high school, but what schools do with these math-phobic groups, since the majority of the students who cannot pass algebra seldom finish high school.

If a senior level math class has students who are still performing well below 5th grade standards, have schools really performed a service for their community?

Currently our school has algebra for 1 year, algebra for 2 years, algebra for 3 years, and algebra for 4 years. I am teaching an algebra 2 year class with all age groups that is 40+ students on any given day. The student turnover rate is horrendous and I have no aide in my classroom. The textbook does not even begin to cover what these kids lack -starting with basic fractions. I have to find or make materials that catches these students interest.

Students are better off testing into special education, then putting up with trying to learn in an environment that has been created intentionally by bigots to lower student achievement in these marginalized groups of students.

Anonymous said...

Keep our fingers crossed.

News) - Randy Dorn is maintaining a slim lead in his race against three-term Washington state schools chief Terry Bergeson.

The former lawmaker, teacher and principal tapped into voter frustration with the Washington Assessment of Student Learning, and held a lead early Wednesday of 50.8 percent to 49.2 percent

He said he'd replace the test and fire upper management in the state school chief's office if elected.