Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Math in Seattle on Harium's Blog

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Academic Math Leadership is apparently missing in the SPS.
New standards for k-8 math are making no difference in classrooms.

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Anonymous said...

Is this really the end?

Bracey published July, 2008 a really interesting piece - The Education Trust's Disinformation Campaign.


There appears to be no level of dishonesty to which the Education Trust will not sink in propagating its agenda which is right now to get No Child Left Behind reauthorized. Thursday, July 19, on "On Point," an NPR show that comes out of WBUR, the Trust's Amy Wilkins told host Tom Ashbrook, "Our most affluent kids are getting their lunches eaten by kids in other countries. The system we have has not served our children well. There is no point pouring more federal money into very broken bottles."

Let's back up to May and you'll see one of the Education Trust's problem with PR dysfunction aka Amy Wilkins.

Amy was deflecting a question by attacking the questioner ad hominem. This has been very typical of the standards movement.

ET's position was stated in a Frontline interview (2001) with Wilkins.


Seven years later, I'm not so sure if their position holds water. We can see the results of their work and its not looking very pretty.