Monday, December 1, 2008

Horse Laughs in Singapore

This is a piece from 2005 that I just saw for the first time.


Anonymous said...

As a Third Grade teacher I have to say that your efforts could not be appreciated more. For the past 12 years my district has tried to force TERC down our throats. As a result teachers have two choices, either comply or cover our tracks. Fortunately the efforts of folks like you are beginning to make cracks in the wall. School districts are definitely aware of your presence and some are even listening. But other district leaders continue to hide behind layers of bad decisions, and remain completely closed off to divergent thinking. Yet I am convinced that parental advocacy groups can bring about educational reform, far more efficiently than teachers like me. School districts are slow moving institutions with needs that far exceed its resources. But priorities can change when parents and community members are informed and actively involved. So please continue to advocate for better curriculum in our public schools, teachers and students are counting on it!

dan dempsey said...

It would be interesting if one school district would adopt Singapore Math in each state what the results would be like.

In Seattle the Schmitz Park school, a public school in West Seattle is now in their second year of using Singapore Math. Unfortunately the state of WA will not have a real math test until spring 2010. The results from the 4th grade WASL tell us very little.
So if SP uses Singapore Math next year that will make almost three years when the actual math test happens in Spring 2010. It will also mean three years of EDM in most schools ... so far that is EDM with Fidelity of Implementation meaning no adaptation for the State Standards so far.

It does not have to make sense .. it is the Seattle Schoools.

Anonymous said...

Some districts and parents are silent because poor math curriculum (EDM, Connected Math, IMP, Core Plus, and TERC) whitens communities. This curriculum is playing havoc on support programs all over the US.