Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Upside down world of NSF grants for math improvement

Here you go......
read about PD Cubed and the strangest idea ever.....

Cleveland high school participates in a three year study then instead of improving math PD Cubed produces a three year average Math WASL pass rate of 10% for Black students and the the Director of the project states that:

the data confirms his findings that (3) The results of the project overall improved math outcomes with minority and low-income students, not the reverse.

Welcome to the upside down world of math research and spin. I've attached a document that shows what Dr. King had to say in the comment section at Scientific American to the article about Number Wars.

Letter to School Directors

In Dr. King's comments he mentions Cleveland and Garfield as being participants but not West Seattle High School. He refused the proposed WSHS project because it was not inquiry-based (Spring 2007). WSHS was a PD Cubed participant, but a shunned one.

Dr. James King's comments in Scientific American comments.

A Look at Discovering in Bethel School District and EDM and Connected use. Also Seattle's record Black White achievement gap of 51.5

Discovering and Gaps here
The charts linked above show the WASL pass rates for White, Hispanic, Black and Low-Income 10th grade students in four school districts using the Discovering math series.

Why Minimal Guidance does Not Work by Kirschner, Sweller and Clark

Dr. Paul A. Kirschner's letter to Issaquah Superintendent Rasmussen.

David C. Geary's An Evolutionarily Informed Education Science

John Sweller on Instructional Implications of David C. Geary’s Evolutionary Educational Psychology.

by David A. Orbits, 8/24/09

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Someone needs to tell "Doctor" King, it's "Principal" Investigator, not "Principle".


You can see he's a precise individual in his work.