Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Performance & Accountability" needed from the Board and the Superintendent

The next School Defenders legal action will require greater accountability of the school board and their only employee the Superintendent, who clearly needs better supervision.

The Superintendent is "Performance" deficient in a variety of ways. If you are interested in counting and listing all the ways, then See Mr. Charlie Mas's postings and comments at the Seattle Schools Community Blog ...then go on to Melissa Westbrook's contributions. For additional information there are a number of persons capable of adding to your list.

Defenders at this time intend to file a Writ of Mandamus with the Washington State Supreme Court
(moved to Friday 3-26-10) in regard to continuing violations on the part of the SPS in following the law, particularly RCW 28A 645.020. Defenders also see THE HONORABLE THERESA DOYLE Superior Court Judge as not keeping the School Board accountable to State Law RCW 28A 645.020 in a timely manner. Defenders also concluded that THE HONORABLE LAURA INVEEN Superior Court Judge also needs Supreme Court assistance in holding the SPS accountable. The Court System or some agency clearly needs to Manage SPS Performance as it needs vast improvement.

I see this Writ of Mandamus as being necessary. I believe that certain public officials are not fulfilling their public responsibilities adequately. The Supreme Court has the ability I believe to make these officials aware of their responsibilities and how to adequately fulfill them. They may also make said officials aware of current consequences for past failure. I am not a lawyer but that is how I see it. Time will tell.

Here is the paper work:
Writ of Mandamus ..See Issaquah's Excellent system here.

EXHIBIT 1 - Verbatim Report of Proceedings.pdf (270KB)

EXHIBIT 2 - Responses to Interrogatories re Adequacy of Record.pdf (431KB)


Anonymous said...

Dan, read "the comments" on the saveseattleschools blog about whether the district did due diligence on NTN in regard to using it as a provider to secure the Federal Funds currently up for grabs. Looks like perhaps the district did not think their application through. Maybe they did? Maybe not?

dan dempsey said...

March 26... Here we go again

Yup filed the Writ at the WA Supreme Court today but ...

In regard to getting an "Administrative Record" as required by law with in 20 days of the filing of the NTN appeal on March 5th well it did not happen//// because the law just gets ignored when dealing with the SPS.

In Anderson et. al v. Seattle Dist #1.... here is how it went.

Appeal filed March 5
Attorneys for SPS request an extension of 20 day limit...

Stafne writes fabulous document saying no way to that extention.

Tuesday District responds to Stafne's NO way with a repeated request for time extension.

So after due date of Mar 25 has passed ... it is now March 26 and the judge has yet to rule on anything..... It is just normal King County action involving SPS.

Glad I filed that writ today.

Anonymous said...

Having my own battles with Burlington Edison. You'd be impressed - the sup mistook me for you. So was banished from the SVH blogs, but we crashed their party and cratered the bond.