Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Crazy NTN Contract "REDO" : say What?

Excellent article on the original NTN appeal in the SouthSeattleBeacon Longer version updated in Queen Anne News

The MEMO on January 29, 2010

My letter in response to this lunacy.

Kirschner letter

Geary on Biological Knowledge

Sweller on Geary

Why Minimally Guided Instruction does not Work

SPS Highest Math GAP ever

See Also ....The NTN contract appeal HERE

Answer to irrational behavior is here.

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Anonymous said...

We found our district had absolutely no accounting controls in place, especially for capital expenditures - they were following school policies, but their standards would never meet government or corporate standards. Case in point? Technology and even something as simple as building a school, had to get through a committee of contractors, bankers, and developers, posing as good local ol' boys. Best advice: Refuse to vote yes on bonds unless OSPI and state lawmakers agree to tighten their regulations guiding capital expenditures.