Sunday, March 28, 2010

Answer to Irrational Behavior is HERE

The Answer to Irrational Behavior is HERE.

{Note the BERC group is wandering around lots of WA Schools that have not met NCLB AYP and are in Improvement.}

From the above link:
"Independent and unbiased evaluation is critical to the success of any program."
Unfortunately this is just cheap talk ... "unbiased"... Please who are these folks trying to deceive this time?

I have repeatedly scratched my head trying to figure out why the NMAP is ignored and reams of highly relevant data specific to the decision a School Board is asked to make is also ignored?
(Final Report).......... (Here is the LD "National Center for Learning Disabilities" take on NMAP )

Let us also toss in Hattie's Visible Learning, Project Follow Through, and the work of W. Edwards Deming and lots more onto the ignored pile.

All this ignoring is because these professionally accomplished School Board Directors prefer to believe in "Happy Talk" NOT relevant data. No I think the real reason is much deeper than that.

Read the Link above for the Answer to Irrational Behavior. Be sure to click through the entire site and find out who really runs the show in Issaquah and Seattle (and elsewhere). {Be Thinking Oligarchy NOT Republic as you read.}

Is it just an accident that some KC Superior Court Judges fail to hold the Seattle School Board accountable for continual violations of State Law RCW 28A.645.020?

{Note: the most recent violation may have occurred on March 25 as SPS failed to satisfy the RCW in the NTN contract appeal filed on 3-5-2010}

Please carefully follow the progress of the Writ of Mandamus through the State Supreme Court. I did not receive a case number when I filed it on Friday. I will get on it and go get a case number on Monday 3-29-2010 and post it here.

Now consider all this in the Light of Seattle's "NTN" Contract "RE-DO"


Anonymous said...

I concur 100% - the BERC Group is a participant - I think connected in some way to the Darnauer Group, a strategic marketing firm, based in Colorado.

Our parents have been contacting the state auditor, attorney general, and the FBI but with no results yet.

Its the sorry lack of financial controls for the district's capital projects that is starting to bring these characters into the forefront of the curriculum debate.

Spokane parents just approved overwhelmingly for a new hs curriculum adoption.

Dorn's DUI is bad timing, we had felt maybe someone existed at the state level who could help us. If our district gets taken over by the state rep at the ESD - it will only be another idiot that runs the district, families have had to put up with this for decades.

The sups, their 'headhunter', the ESD director, members of the board or spouses, and their bond spokesperson all sit together as board of directors on the local United Way and now you have this group's game plan.

The realtors and developers are looting taxpayers and sending their charitable deductions to their supporters in education who in turn collect a management fee for running the charity. This is thing is going to be bigger than Enron or Madoff.

Yana said...

I find it highly ironic that BERC is hired by Microsoft as an independent evaluator when BERC got much of its original start up capital from Microsoft. What a joke...

dan dempsey said...

Yana ...

Excellent point. Note Cleveland high in Seattle winds up with the Pointless and ineffective New Technology Network model of Project based Learning in all classes....

because the Gates Foundation recommended this Gates funded NTN group.... now watch the district Flush $800,000 for the privilege to copy seriously below standard schools. This just must be another best practice ... Don't ya know.