Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Plaintiffs Wanted !!!
in the next 24 hours in Seattle
Join the party
The improve the SPS party

Plaintiffs wanted for NTN Contract Appeal of Feb 3, 2010 Action
(4-2 approval of contract different from Action Report)

I am putting together an appeal of the NTN contract decision for Friday.
I would love to have one plaintiff from as many schools as possible.
I will be guaranteeing payment in this legal action.
The plaintiffs will have no financial responsibility.

Cleveland's two STEM schools were not properly researched or described they are to be modeled along the NTN mandated guideline. These produce serious under performance at schools. This under performance is clearly shown in test comparisons with similar yet less advantaged schools consistently out performing the NTN model that requires Project Based Learning as the principal instructional mode in every classroom..

Minimally guided instruction is not appropriate for teaching an entire course.

The Cleveland model is very expensive and will sap other schools of resources.

What I need is the name of each plaintiff and a contact number and hopefully an email address.

No names of children are needed but the name of school and current grade is needed.

Plaintiffs can send their information to me.

I will be adding plaintiffs to the document on Thursday.

The document will be filed on Friday.

It would be helpful if each plaintiff expressed a reason or two for their dissatisfaction with the Boards contract vote.

Danaher Dempsey

SEND your information to my email address:

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