Friday, February 12, 2010

K-12 Common Core Standards --DRAFT FOR PUBLIC INPUT
2 weeks for public comment

NOTICE: K-12 Common Core Standards--DRAFT FOR PUBLIC INPUT

“Our best guess is that the public drafts will be made available sometime in late February or the first week in March.

"CCSSO/NGA have assured states that the window for public input will remain 2–2 ½ weeks long.

“We hope that once the public draft is released you will take time
{but not much time} to provide input on these important documents via the online surveys.”

A few comments so far:

2-2½ weeks for “facilitated” input via easy to manipulate online surveys? Are they kidding? Has everyone gone insane?

It is incredible. More care and time goes into the production of engineering standards than they seem to be willing to spend on a standard that effects the math education of every kid in the country. Unbelievable! Who are these people?


Barry Garelick said...

Well, one of the people is Phil Daro, need I say more?

SK from NJ said...

Well, obviously "these people" are most interested in an end product without giving serious consideration to the end result. Why rush through this process? Allow proper time for a thorough and comprehensive analysis by all participating states. Rome wasn't built in a day, but if that information wasn't written into our history standards, maybe that's why "these people" are allowing too short of a time period to solicit feedback.

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