Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Discovering Series is shot down again.

A hearing was held before Thurston County Superior Court Judge Thomas McPhee on February 5th in the Key Press action disputing the recommendation of HOLT math only and rejection of "Discovering". After argument by counsel for the parties,

Judge McPhee ruled in OSPI’s favor affirming the Superintendent’s decision and dismissing the petition filed by Key Curriculum Press.

The court concluded (under the legal standard in RCW 34.05.570(4)(c)(ii) and (iii) of the APA) that the Superintendent’s decision was consistent with the statutory authority set forth in RCW 28A.305.215(7) and was not arbitrary or capricious.

The final order is expected to be entered in the case next week.

Wow!!! what a bad week for Key Press. Lost in Seattle on Thursday and in Olympia on Friday.

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Barry Garelick said...

Key Press is going to have to do something about these rulings that don't allow for ignoring evidence.