Thursday, February 11, 2010

Common Core Standards ... what??????

In regard to SB6696 now working its way in Olympia toward becoming law...hopefully NOT.

The Common Core Standards, Phil Daro is on the math writing team. The states are signing on sight unseen to CCSS. Wow we are having our legislators sign on for an unknown product. This looks like a Race to the Bank from here for vested interests. Race to the Top ... top of what ... we don't even know what the standards are going to say.  In WA state Daro and the Dana center took $770,000 and failed to deliver a satisfactory product. The legislature did not like the product and rejected it. Now we are going to buy another unseen product..... good luck with that.

note: Even though Phil Daro is on the writing team, W. Stephen Wilson is one level removed on the official watching team. The CCSS could be quite good but what if they are not?

Try a local school board leader's thoughts.
Michael DeBell Seattle School Board President says.....

Me, I would prefer local control not federal mandates on our schools.

Contact you WA legislator and tell them NO Thanks on CCSS the Common Core Standards, until they see what they are buying into.


When Seattle screws up we can go to Superior Court ....

With common core the Feds will essentially own us and we will have little recourse.

I don't wish to buy that. Do you?

We in WA state just wrote improved Math Standards that are NON-Dana Center like., maybe the CCSS are better or maybe not ... can we see the product please before buying?

Can we inspect it? Do we have 7 days to return this item in unused condition?

Look at what Michael DeBell says. He did not have the vote go his way and got junk in Seattle ( but judge Spector provided us recourse ). We may not be so lucky if CCSS is junky.


Anonymous said...

Seven days will not be enough time to see the damage that will be done to the education of students in WA. Their eduction has already been more than compromised by the past reform regime.

Adopting the common core state standards? They aren't even finalized. The current draft is totally unacceptable and would be a big step backwards for the state of WA. Race to the Top? It's all for the money. The money is one time money. To get it, the state will be giving up a lot of rights to the feds. Once the money is accepted, there will be no going back and the state's rights will never be restored.

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