Saturday, February 13, 2010

Forget Waldo, Where is Everyday Math?

In the recently updated well controlled longitudinal study of elementary math programs, Everyday Math is oddly missing.


How can this be?

Seven math programs dominate 91% of the market and Everyday is #1.
Where are they?

It seems that programs were competitively selected.
I think Everyday Math purposely chose NOT to compete.

I could be wrong, perhaps the investigators figured TERC/Investigations was close enough to EDM so they picked TERC over EDM.

Many of us are sadly disappointed as we are certain that TERC and EDM are among the worse math programs ever created. We were looking forward to finding out which of these two is the most ineffective elementary instructional math program of the last 70 years.

Now well reasoned conjecture based on available evidence still leaves the "Title of Worse Elementary School Math Program Ever" in doubt.

Seattle's switching from TERC to EDM expanded already huge achievement gaps for Black, Hispanic, Asian, American Indian, Low Income and English Language Learning students. WOW!!! that is 6 out of 6 a double hat trick.

But TERC can counter with their clearly last place finish in a well controlled study of 4 elementary math series. Oh if only EDM had been there.

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