Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SPS Textbook adoption committee applications

On October 28th applications are due to Bernardo Ruiz of the Family and Community Engagement Department of those that are interested in serving on the High School Math Texbook Adoption Committee.

Mr. Ruiz can be contacted via eamil at bjruiz@seattleschools.org

Confusion is supreme the deadline is now November 10
see this page


Check this saga:

Date: Tuesday, October 21, 2008, 7:21 PM

Dear Directors,

I'm concerned that the High School Math Adoption is a repeat of the middle school and elementary school adoption. It is obvious, the district does not want participation from the community and parents.

Just last week, Allen Senear, a parent of 2 from Ingraham sent an e-mail requesting for an application to serve on the high school adoption. Apparently, there were no process in place or applications to fill out. Today, one week later we received an e-mail from Sharon Rodgers dated October 21st that interested parents may apply for this process and applications are due to Bernardo Ruiz the Family and Community Engagement Department on October 24th - 3 days later! This is a joke. There is no information listed on the Seattle SD website on either the Math Adoption link or the Family Engagement link.

It is obvious the process is not transparent or well organized. Dr. Goodloe Johnson's Strategic Plan talks about community engagement, but we see this as another example of empty promises.

I respectfully request that one of the board members oversee this process and bring to it some credibility. We ask that District Staff share their complete process at the November 12 Board Meeting for public review and comments prior to the committee's first meeting on November 20.

This should not just be a timeline, but include information of the number of parent reps, number of teachers and school represented, list of all the programs in consideration, the method used to create the selection criteria and the selection criteria itself.

Linh-Co Nguyen
SBE Math Panel Member
North Beach Teacher
Parent of 3 in Seattle SD

followed by:

Hello Linh-Co,

Thank you for the important feedback about our process. Your concerns about not having the information posted and accessible to families and community members is valid, as is the concern about the short turnaround time. This is entirely my responsibility. I just met with Bernardo Ruiz. Based on his feedback, your thoughts, and feedback from other family/community leaders, we will extend the family/community application deadline to November 10. I am in the process of getting the information, with the detail you requested, on the math website, and will have it posted once it has been approved by the communications department. The application will be posted there as well.

It is very important to me that I operate the math program in a transparent, inclusive manner. I appreciate being held accountable in this case, and will work to ensure that I operate in a manner that makes families and community members feel that their voices are valued and included.

Thank you again, and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have additional questions or concerns.


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