Wednesday, October 8, 2008

AP Stats ... Textbook Question

Can someone recommend a good book that teaches the math content relevant to the AP Statistics test? I am looking for a real math textbook rather than a test taking book that my daughter can use to learn the material and prepare for the test. She knows how to use a real mathtextbook since she had an excellent teacher last year in AP Calculus. Unfortunately, her teacher is new to AP Statistics and deep into reform math pedagogy.

The book selected for the class is:
The Practice of Statistics: TI-83 Graphing Calculator Enhanced
by Yates, Moore, Starnes

I looked at this book at parent night and I think my daughter needs a
real math textbook to learn the material for the AP Statistics test.


I like to use Elementary Statistics by Mario Triola (my edition is through Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Company) and Elementary Statistics: A Step by Step Approach by Allan Bluman (McGraw Hill Publishers). I've used both for my high school AP Statistics and college Statistics students.

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Michael Rice said...

AP Statistics is not a math class. It is a class that involves compiling data sets, analyzing them and drawing conclusions from the analysis. You are wasting you time worrying about the math that underlies them. It is not tested on the AP Exam and should not be taught in an AP Stats exam. The Practice of Statistics is a great book for an AP Stats class. Concentrate on reading the book, the problems in the book, and work old AP Stats Free Response Questions. That will be a much more efficient use of your time.

themathprof said...

Not a book but a great tutorial software product for Introductory statistics is Chapter 12 (in the software) of Math911. Best of all it's free and can be downloaded from

Anonymous said...

My class uses The Practice of Statistics and our average score in past years has been about it can't be that terrible...

MathChique said...

@ themathprof
Thanks, went to the site but they charge $49.95 for the 'free' software. I was really hopeful, but was scared off by the hideous graphics on the website.