Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lummi Nation School - The Good News

I am teaching at the Lummi Nation School.
There is a tremedous wave of improvement underway at Lummi.

Here is an article on the Lummi Youth Academy:

The school is now in a single building and organized as a k-12 school.
On the second floor we have grades 7 through 12.
On the first floor the elementary grades.

Heather Leighton is our principal and Matt Durand the assistant principal.

This is the fifth year in the new building.
Take a look here:

I am incredibly impressed with changes that are taking place.
There should be positive increases in student learning and academic achievement over the next few years. Ms. Leighton and the school board have a plan and great things are underway.

The school has received a grant from the Bureau of Indian Education for math.
Only two math programs have shown effective results in Native American schools.
Lummi Nation School will be using Saxon Math for k-6 and there will be a lot of small group interventions funded by the grant. This is a three year grant.

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Anonymous said...

That's really good news. I considered taking a position there years ago, when I met one of the tribal leaders on a plane trip to Seattle. My kids have kept me in California. Saxon is a good call. Fair winds and following seas.