Saturday, October 18, 2008

Incredible Failing grades return to Seattle High Schools

Here is the article in the Seattle Times:

The amazing statement is a reason for the change (of not more N grades) is this violated school board policy.

WOW!!! what about all the other school board policies that are continually violated.

D44.00 & D45.00 not to mention the Board's own swifty move of introduction item/action item all in one meeting to extend and grant Dr Maria Goodloe-Johnson an additional one year contract extension and a $24,000 raise.

So when has school board policy ever been a concern?
Why on this item and not the others?

From the article:
Since 2000, not a single student has received an E, a mark more commonly known as an F. High schools instead handed out N's for "no credit," which didn't affect a student's grade-point average and took much of the sting out of failure.

But the E is back — effective immediately.

The reason, the district says, is a technical one. In a larger review of high schools, a district committee recently realized that the exclusive use of N's violated School Board policy.

The change, however, has been welcomed by many principals and teachers who believe that students should face more consequences for failure.

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