Sunday, October 5, 2008

Richland and Math texts

Richland School District is going to look at ALL the math texts. Not just the preliminary recommendations. That is why I invited anyone and everyone to come look. RSD is even purchasing Singapore so we can look at it.

The only ones we are not going to look at is the computer based ones because we physically cannot provide a computer for each student in the district.

--news provided by Barb Chen in Richland

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Anonymous said...

Why not add a reading specialist or at least a person who has experience teaching EL learners to your adoption committee. You will begin to see the reasons, Singapore and CPM work better for non-standard English speakers.

CPM is only for grades 6 - 10. I don't recommend teaching Course I only. UC Davis developed grades 6 and 7 later because they saw a definite gap in student knowledge.

When you can distinguish between three groups of math curriculum then you will begin to understand the nuances of each approach. They are quite different and originate from different schools of thinking.

1. cognitive - Singapore (using math as a language to model thinking)
2. structural - Saxon (traditional - dependent on teacher to model problem solving.)
3. embedded learning - EDM (uses games to teach mathematical concepts)