Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sudhakar, real math relevant PhD. speaks
He has a sorely needed grasp of
the International Math situation

Dear Rep. Fromhold:

We have not met, but I have read a lot about you in Vancouver newspapers. I am a parent who has two children in Vancouver Public Schools, and I am writing this to you so you understand my position when I humbly request you to consider running for OSPI.

I am a native of India, and moved here in 1976, the bicentennial year of Independence. I landed with a suitcase and $300 in my pocket, with a load of debt to pay off back home. The only thing I had at that time was an excellent public education that India had provided me. With that, and a small assistantship in a private engineering college, I worked my way to a Doctorate degree, and got employed as a scientist/engineer at Intel corporation. I have lived in six states since my arrival, ending up as a retired engineer 30 years later, in Vancouver. Washington is a great state in which to live, but I have been very disappointed by the public education system, and I feel the leadership of OSPI is largely responsible for the sorry state of affairs.

Here are my reasons:

1. Assessment: Dr. Bergeson's insistence on the current version of WASL as the gold standard, high stakes test has been the top reason why I feel change is needed. WASL gives little useful information to students, teachers, and parents, while only giving doubtful data to measure adequate yearly progress needed for NCLB. It takes days of instructional time away from an already short school year. The WEA and several parent groups have come out against the WASL, and Dr. Bergeson continues to defend it. I find this unacceptable.
2. Math and Science Education: The state which gave birth to Boeing, Microsoft and Amazon continues to be a laggard in math and science achievement. I find it very disheartening that the OSPI continues to champion failed math instruction materials and pedagogy, while data from other states and world leading nations clearly point otherwise. OSPI had to be repeatedly admonished by the State Department of Education, and I am sure you are aware of the legislative actions taken to take control of this process. If the legislature has to micromanage OSPI, then something is clearly wrong with the way OSPI is functioning.
3. Transparency and accountability: The nature by which OSPI has conducted its business has been largely opaque to the citizens of Washington. Decisions appear to be made behind closed doors, with little input from relevant stakeholders. Any appearance of a process seems to only involve those who buy into the narrow educational philosophy that OSPI appears to espouse, while ignoring mountains of evidence and experts who can really make a huge difference.

These reasons are why I am looking to leaders like you to consider running for OSPI. Washington state is clearly behind in global competition, and has fallen behind several other states in the union. A strong, accountable, and transparent OSPI is sorely needed. I apologize in advance for asking you to make a commitment without even knowing your personal situation. However, I feel a strong leader with a proven track record is what is needed at this time, in the history of this great state.

Thanks in advance,

Sincerely yours

Sudhakar Kudva
Resident, 17th Legislative District

One need not be a retired Intel Senior manager to recognize the failure to employ open and transparent processes in regard to math education.

Look at this previously referenced video....
NO PhD in math required to see through this mess.
The following Parent Video is incredibly clear....

Watch this amazingly clear 5-minute video of a Parent.. CLICK HERE

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